NFPE GDS Employees Strike News : Confederation and Hunger Strike Latest News 2018

NFPE GDS Postal Employees Strike 2018

As you are aware the indefinite strike of GDS Unions entered the 8th day including today. GDS one day mass hunger fast strike organised in front of Post Offices on 31st May, 2018, Thursday. Rural GDS Postal Employees across the country have been protesting for Eight days. GDS strike join the Sanchar Bhavan March to Communication’s Minister Office New Delhi in large numbers on 1st June 2018 get a grand success.

GDS mass hunger fast strike join more than 2,70,000 postal employees in rural areas have been protesting across the country on 22nd May, 2018, demanding regularisation as Government employees and implementation of Kamlesh Chandra Committee forms submitted in November 2016, but the government don’t give any type of response by the indefinite strike or their demands. til the days nothing concrete has been done by the Government of Narendra Modi. The GDS mass hunger fast strike has been led to the shut down of more than 1,29,000 post offices across the whole country. Also GDS postal employees declared an indefinite strike until their demands are met. Rural post offices across the whole country shut, Government of Modi turns a blind eye due to NFPE GDS Strike.


GDS are Extra Departmental agents who recruited by the postal department to serve in rural areas in all over the country. The Union Government had constituted a one-man Kamlesh Chandra Committee in the Seventh Pay Commission to study the wage structure of the rural postal employees and review. The Committee suggested the minimum stipend ₹10,000 and a maximum stipend of ₹35,480, the abolition of the 50 years age limit, an annual hike of 3% and a children’s education allowance of Rs 6,000 annually and  hardship allowance of ₹500 per month for those working in the special areas in its report. Also in its report mentioned that The Committee had increased the ex-gratis gratuity to ₹5,00,000 from ₹60,000, while also suggesting that the scope of the Circle Welfare Fund (CWF) scheme should include immediate family members.


Latest GDS News About Strike And Notice NFPE

The General Secretary of AIPEU-GDS says that ” The government has been offering nothing to GDS employees. So, we are going to continue with the indefinite protest. The government has been stating that they require at least three months to implement the suggested reforms by us. Pandurangarao also says that “But when they have done nothing in the past 18 months, we have no confidence in them anymore and that’s why we have demanded it in writing, But they have refused,”. Pandurangarao says  “After working for 35 to 40 years, we are given a meager retirement benefit of Rs.1,00,000. Our  per day salary is not more than Rs.300 and every year we get an increment of  Rs.50 to Rs.60. We get no other benefits,”. also he asked “How is it possible for us to survive like this,”. Although GDS are central government employees, they are considered temporary employees which deprives them of various benefits such as the retirement benefit, pensions, etc.

nfpe gds notice

Virendra Sharma who working as The president of AIPEU-GDS  says that  “There have been at least five rounds of talks, but nothing conclusive has come out of it. Our demand is simple; implement the reforms suggested by the Committee constituted by the government. The dissents have affected lives in rural India and we don’t wish to continue our job as a GDS Postal Employees, but the government is simply not ready to listen.” also he said “On June 1, we will protest outside the Ministry of Communications’ office in New Delhi. We will not give in even if they turn a blind eye to us, they (the government) will have to listen to us,”. Report was written by R.N. Parashar who worked as a General Secretary of NFPE and M. Krishnan who worked as a General Secretary of Confederation. Mr. R.N. Parashar said All nearby circles and Divisions are requested to participate in large number.

In above you can see the report or notice by NFPE GDS Postal employees to the Modi Government

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