Jaydeep – Parth Na Pappa Gujarati Audio & Memes 2020

Recently there’s a audio clip went viral about the conversation between two males. The first person in the conversation(the caller) is Jaydeep and the second person(Call receiver) is Parth na pappa. This is hilarious clip and if you want to download or hear it here’s your link.

Parth Na pappa and Jaydeep Audio Google Drive

In the audio the awkward conversation between two persons takes place because of misunderstanding. When the jaydeep calls parth for the room booking, parth’s father picks up the call and starting to talk. jaydeep doesn’t know that parth’s father is talking with him and he started to make some funny and little offensive jokes. Then he realized that the person he is talking to is not parth but its parth’s father and he immediately regret his actions and starting to apologies.

The Situation states that its too late to apologies because arrow has leave the bow and the deed is done. His only option is to save himself from awkward conversation is to pretend that parth’s father misinterpreted the conversation and understood something wrong.

The way this whole incident takes place is so funny that you will laugh holding your bally. There are also some memes went viral on this incident which are also hilarious.

Jaydeep ane parth na pappa memes 

If you find any more memes on this incident then you can post the memes in comment section. Be safe stay at home.

Updated: July 10, 2020 — 12:15 pm

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