Write a Speech/Paragraph/Essay/Letter On The Subject Of Postman In English For School Kids

Nowadays there is a very less value to writing a letter. In the digital world, everyone has used a gadget such as a mobile, computer, and send via message and email to another person. but there is some old person still doing conversation through a letter. and the children have also come in his study. so get an idea of how to write an essay and letter for kids as below mentioned.

Write an Essay On Postman In English for School Kids

A Postman is an Important Public Servant.

Mr Ramesh Rathod is a Postman. He is Very Useful to all Us. He Wears a Khaki Uniform On his Duty time. He goes to post office in the early in the morning. He has a leather bag. he sorts the dak of his area in the post office. He puts all the dak in the Bag.

He is a very hard working person. He goes to the Right Person delivers the Letter from Door to Door. he brings News to us. we wait for him Every day.

The Postman is a very Helpful Person. We should always Respect him and be Kind to him.

How to Write a Paragraph about the Postman in English

  • A Postman is a Hard working Person In our Area of the city. They Collect and Deliver Courier, Packages and Important Document which is sent by Post. And a postman generally moves on a bicycle. After all, he is a Government Servant.
  • In most cases Postman is Honest but some are not sincere in their duty. They are careless and not perform well in their duty properly. And they don’t put the letter in the letterbox properly and throw outside somewhere else. In short, these letters are torn by the kids who don’t have a clue about the significance of a letter. People have to suffer due to his careless behaviour and lose her important document and courier.
  • But the postman duties are very tough and difficult. he has limited holidays. but get a high salary than other work. When peoples are enjoying holidays with their families, he is busy to deliver mail to Other people. He will do overtime during the festive season. In that time he has hope to get Promotion and Growth he has getting suffer from a financial situation. and not to given proper money to his children for education.
  • Some people are given money (tip) to postman as a Gift. we should be kind and compassionate to him. Indian Government should try to change in his routine life.
  • Passing through such a Strange Situation, he also works for his work. That is a true postman.

Write a Complaint Letter Against The Postman To The Postmaster

If you are facing a problem of the irregular behaviour of your postman? Then write a letter to the are of postmaster directly. how should I write it properly? because I have no idea how to write a letter.  Don’t worry we will help you. just you have to read the following letter.

Harshil Makwana

Near Katargam

Surat (Gujarat)

February 21, 2019

The Post Master
General Post Office
Surat (Gujarat)

Subject: Complaint to the Postmaster for the Irregular Behaviour of the Postman

Respected Sir,

Dear sir, I would like to kind your attention on the reason for the irregular behaviour of the postman in our zone. He is very careless about his duty. He does not deliver a letter or other important document properly. if I talk about myself, my uncle found a necessary document sent to via courier and I did get on the 5th day after courier. Many people have gone through this situation in our society. Moreover, it does not deliver the post properly.

I have requested him to many time about the proper delivery of the courier. but he constantly turned hard of hearing ear to my request.

Hence, I hope you will consider my application and would like to request you to take some serious action against him. Thanx in advanced.

Yours faithfully,

Harshil Makwana

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